A Jewel Called GEM at Aiken High School

A Jewel Called GEM at Aiken High School (Image 1)

Dr. Holly Woltz spends her days caring for small animals.  The Aiken veterinarian treats dogs and cats, but at least once a month she tends to the 2-legged type… in particular, a group of senior girls at Aiken High School. 

Holly founded a group called GEM 3 years ago… to guide, encourage and mentor young women who are making life-shaping decisions.

Take a look:

Behind this huge loveable bear, the plants, and the media center rules flyer… you’ll find a couple dozen intelligent, energetic, and motivated young women and their mentors.

The GEM Club is made up of accomplished women who Guide, Encourage and Mentor senior girls every month, through speakers like Carol Barry, Senior Vice President at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions…  and yours truly, to talk about a career in TV news.

GEM’s goal is to give these seniors courage and confidence to pursue their careers with passion!

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