Augusta Murder Suspect’s Family Apologizes to Victim’s Family

Augusta Murder Suspect's Family Apologizes to Victim's Family (Image 1)

Crystal O’Bryant says she was shocked to hear about the shooting death of her grandfather’s caregiver, 65-year-old Karl Hardge.

“From my family to Karl Hardge and his family, we want to pay our respects and give our condolences,” Crystal said.

Investigators believe that her grandfather, John O’Bryant, shot and killed Hardge in O’Bryant’s home last month.

Crystal blames the shooting on her grandfather’s Alzheimer’s spells. She described them to us.

“Not knowing where he is, being a little bit scared sometimes and being a little bit aggravated. You have your memory loss and you have dementia and become agitated, irritated, and confused,” she said.

Last month, Hardge’s family wanted to know why a loaded gun was allowed in a house with an Alzheimer’s patient.

Crystal answered that question by saying that if the family had known about the gun, they would have removed it from the home.

Now Crystal is warning other families that are dealing with the disease.

“Definitely be more careful. This could happen. And cherish your loved ones and take care of them, while you have that opportunity,” she said.

Crystal says her grandfather had heart problems, which is probably what lead to his death this week.

“It’s a blessing in disguise that he passed away at the hospital instead of in a penitentiary. He’s worked hard and he’s never done anything wrong and then to have to end his life in that way, in a scared situation, it was heartbreaking to think that,” she said.

Now that the case is closed, Crystal says she will try to remember the good times with her grandfather, especially when she was younger.

“He had an RV and he would cook out and do a lot of stuff in the community at that time frame,” she said.

The O’Bryant family is in the process of planning their grandfather’s funeral.

A date and time for that service has not been set yet.

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