Columbia County Animal Rescue Group Owner Sentenced To Community Service, Probation

Columbia County Animal Rescue Group Owner Sentenced To Community Service, Probation (Image 1)

WJBF News Channel 6 has learned that the owner of a Columbia County animal rescue group appeared before a judge Wednesday and was sentenced to community service and probation.

Kristi Leahey runs Lucky Dog Rescue out of her home answered to 22 charges of Failure to Care for and Maintain Animals.

The charges were levied after Columbia County Animals Services representatives came to Lucky Dog Rescue on February 9th after receiving reports that the animals were living in deplorable conditions.

When officers arrived at Leahey’s home, they reported a strong smell of feces and urine immediately. The report says many of the dogs were living in crates only big enough for them to turn around and lay down in.

Officers also reported finding fecal matter and urine in almost every room of the house, along with mold on the baseboards.

Officers counted 22 animals in Leahey’s home, and say most of them showed aggression.

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We are told Leahey pleaded “No Contest” to 14 of those 22 charges and the judge ordered:

  • 100 hours of community service per count (1,400 hours total)
  • $500.00 fine per count, totaling $7,000 (without court costs)
  • 6 months’ probation on each count, 10 of which will run consecutively, 4 will run concurrently for a total of five years on probation.
  • 7 days to remove all animals from the property
  • Own no animals for duration of probation
  • Immediate inspection of property at conclusion of trial
  • Random inspections by Columbia County Animal Services and Code Enforcement during the length of her probation
  • Provide all documentation for outgoing animals to the Georgia Dept of Agriculture
  • Notify all other state, county or city officials in which she owns property of the dispositions of this matter
  • Failure to comply with any court order could result in 30 days incarceration per citation

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