Friends Remember GSU Nursing Student Killed in Car Crash

Friends Remember GSU Nursing Student Killed in Car Crash (Image 1)

While students at Georgia Southern University are mourning the loss of 5 nursing students, family members and friends from their hometowns are doing the same.

Caitlyn Baggett was one of the 5 killed in a 7 car crash on I-16. Baggett was a part of the CSRA family, born and raised in Millen, Georgia.

Caring and energetic are 2 words, family and friends would use to describe Caitlyn Baggett.

The 21-year-old nursing student was killed Wednesday morning while on her way to her last nursing clinical with 4 other students.

Investigation Into Truck Involved In Accident That Killed 5 GSU Students Finds Hundreds Of Violations

In a small town, Caitlyn Baggett’s huge personality made it hard for her not to be noticed, and will continue to make it hard for anyone to forget her.  

“Caitlyn was one of those people you could always hear before you saw. She was always laughing, always smiling, I don’t ever remember a time where I didn’t see Caitlyn smiling,” friend, Dallas Wilson said.

Dallas Wilson is now the youth pastor at Baggett’s hometown church, Oak Hill Baptist Church. Baggett spent most of her weekends helping out in the children’s nursery at Oak Hill.

“The kids they loved her, they called her Catie, so that’s going to be some questions that we have to answer going forward, the kids are going to be looking for Catie and unfortunately she’s not going to be there to be taking care  of them,” Wilson said.

Wilson says kids were drawn to Baggett and she loved that. He calls her a true servant of the church.

“This past Wednesday before she passed we were actually having a church event, and she came in and she had to perform CPR on somebody that day, and she was just full of life about it and so excited that she had that opportunity to serve somebody else,” Wilson remembered.

Baggett’s best friend, Emily Edenfield says she wouldn’t be where she is now without Baggett and her constant support.

“She meant a lot to me she was very smart, very beautiful, she strives for what she did want, and she did accomplish everything,” Edenfield explained.

Edenfield says she knows Baggett wouldn’t want anyone to be upset, but she can’t help but mourn the loss of such a great friend and person.

Baggett’s funeral is planned for Sunday. The family is asking that any and all donations please be donated to the Oak Hill Baptist building fund. This money will go towards the new recreational center for children, something Baggett was looking forward to being a part of.

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