GSU Mourning the Loss of 5 Nursing Students

A car crash on Interstate 16 claimed the lives of 5 Georgia Southern nursing students Wednesday morning.

The Georgia State Patrol says a tractor-trailer failed to slow down and slammed into an S-U-V, a car and a tanker truck. The crash is under investigation and charges are pending.

Georgia Southern students, staff, family and friends are mourning this evening. Kevin Holmes reports:

It happened just before 6:00 Wednesday morning. Interstate 16, eastbound, near exit 141. Emily McNeely was two miles away

“Right at mile marker 139”

 And heading to the same place.

“We had to be at our clinical at St. Josephs at 6:30. We came to a dead stop at 6:15”

Six vehicles, including three semi-tractor trailers were involved in the accident.

That’s when Cayne Monroe sprang into action

“I went up there and I seen the girl, and I seen another guy, two guys. They pull the girl out the car. But I mean, there was nothing they could do the car burnt up so fast. I’ve never seen a car burn up that quick.”

“Right at daylight we could see two different helicopters land.”

“There’s four people not being able to go home to their family now.”

Emily Clark, Morgan Bass, Abbie DeLoach, McKay Pittman and Caitlyn Baggett were killed in the crash.

And news soon traveled fast from Savannah.

“These were student leaders.”

All the way to Statesboro and Georgia Southern, where the ladies attended school.

“These were leaders of student organizations, these were dedicated students in the school of nursing, so there are many, many, members of our community who are hurting today.”

“I didn’t get a chance to meet your parents but I know they are proud of you. To her parents she’s one of the kindest people. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Just know we have people praying for you, and thank you for sharing your daughter with us. We all love her.”

Four of the girls died at the scene., the fifth died at the hospital.Two other girls are being treated for their injuries.

Students, faculty, friends, and family are all in mourning after this tragedy. The Student Nurses’ Association, and three GSU sororities invite the Eagle Nation to a vigil tonight at 7:00, in memory of those 5 students who lost their lives.

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