“Out There…Somewhere”: Let’s Face It, He’s Cut Out For This Job

"Out There...Somewhere": Let's Face It, He's Cut Out For This Job (Image 1)

Bob Evans has no problem facing another day on the job.

“Everything I do has a face on it. I see faces everywhere,” said Evans, while carving on a piece of Cyprus wood.

Evans is an 82-year-old self-taught wood carver.

“In the past, I’ve had a lot of people say to me, ‘is this the only face you know how to make?’, and I said, ‘yes’, and I kept doing it and it’s worked for forty years,” Evans said.

They’re all called Knobbits. A friend suggested the name because Bob works with Cypress tree knees and loves the book ‘The Hobbit’.


“I thought, ‘wow, that’s good’,” said Bob, who had the named trademarked.

They may look like all guys, but Bob says there are female Knobbits, just the girls are also born with facial hair, so there can be some confusion.

“I can’t tell by looking at them myself, even though I make them, but there are females,” Bob said.

These Knobbits, both male and female, are Bob creations and he insists they’re not self portraits, even though the bearded hat-wearing wood sculptor also processes a gnome-like quality himself.

“Yes, I’m afraid I do,” he said with a laugh.

But, these wonderful works of wood art do attract a lot of attention and Bob says having one leads to happiness and good fortune. “And, if after one year, if you haven’t had some happiness and good fortune, you call me and I’ll cheer you up,” he said

The Knobbit faces of Bob Evans…seeing these are some good fortune indeed.

If you have an idea for George Eskola to cover for our “Out There…Somewhere” series, just fill out the form on the “Out There…Somewhere” page, or email us at outthere@wjbf.com.

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