Aiken County Sheriff’s Office “Test-Driving” Body Cameras

Aiken County Sheriff's Office "Test-Driving" Body Cameras (Image 1)

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is test driving 2 body cameras that deputies are using right now.

Captain Eric Abdullah says they’re constantly researching the cameras and that they’ve narrowed the decision down to one or 2 to choose from. The goal is to get 135 for deputies. They’ve asked to put the cameras into the budget proposal.

Capt. Abdullah they want to find the right ones. He says technology is constantly evolving and the Sheriff’s Office wants to find the right kind that will fit deputies’ needs. “The best technology is not always the best that we’re looking for. We’re looking for the best for this department in order for us to better serve our community.”

He says they’ve already been filming officers with the dash cam video. He says the body cameras will serve as a great backup to those.

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