Golden Apple: Brittany Davis

Golden Apple: Brittany Davis (Image 1)

 Brittany Davis has a gift when it comes to art. A gift that she shares with her mom.

“My mother was my high school art teacher,” she says. “So  I grew up doing art, creating art. I always knew I was going to do something in the art field.”

Mrs. Davis sees a lot of progress with her students during their time with her at Fox Creek.

“I definitely see in my students some who come in here lacking  a lot of technical abilities or background knowledge, just really flourish in their skills.”

That’s because they don’t just sit around and learn from a book–it’s hands on in here.

“I walk them through a number of processes. I demonstrate things. I have them gather around the table and I will demonstrate.  I help them one on one. We do some worksheets, but that’s pretty minimal. As far as I’m concerned they practice a lot to get better.”

That’s an approach that will serve these youngsters well in all academic areas.

“The skills they learn in my class, they’re tricking their brains into learning how to problem solve and use critical thinking. What color do I  put here? What do I do as a background? How do I work with these mistakes?  That’s the sort of thing they’re learning, and they may not even identify it as they’re doing it, because they’re having fun.”

Congratulations Brittany Davis.  A great teacher who gives a lot and gets a lot of rewards from her work with these up and coming artists at Fox Creek High School.

“When we critique, we sit around the table and they will present their artwork. Just the way that they comment each other.  I feel like the way they not only implement the vocabulary, but the way they can speak to each other in such a positive light and uplift one another, it really touches my heart.”

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