Public Meetings Don’t Slow Movement Of Storm Water Utility Fee

Public Meetings Don't Slow Movement Of Storm Water Utility Fee (Image 1)

A Storm Water Utility Fee for Augusta is moving full speed ahead.

Augusta Commissioners met Thursday afternoon to set a course to implement the fee that will raise about $10 million a year to upgrade and maintain the city’s drainage system.

Despite opposition at ten public meetings, the recommendation remains the same for a $6.40 a month fee for most homeowners.

There are also no recommendations for reduced rates in the rural areas where ditches are used for drainage.

Commissioners met immediately before the last scheduled public meeting Thursday at the Blythe Community Center.

“It actually upsets me. The whole time I’ve been preaching charge us a level of service, basically a rural rate, I’ve been corresponding with my colleagues. I’m been corresponding with the Administrator, the Engineering, the consultant group. We’re having a meeting tonight at six o’clock. it’s going to be disappointing to say I tried everything I can. I did not succeed,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

The recommendation going to Commissioners is to put the Storm Water utility Fee on water bills. The vote to give final approval is scheduled for May 19th.

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