“Out There…Somewhere”: That’s The Way The Antenna Ball Has Bounced

"Out There...Somewhere": That's The Way The Antenna Ball Has Bounced (Image 1)

Jim Showman remembers the days gone past. “I do. I do. because I’m from the 60’s. You know, that was the time of antenna balls, for sure,” said Showman.

“I don’t remember that, no, I don’t remember. You sure?” said Karrie Ling.

Antenna balls…you put them on the antenna of your car. They were promotional items, mainly there were a lot of different types and they were everywhere.

“Do you have one?” we asked Teneisha Wilson. “I don’t, I don’t even have an antenna,” she answered.

You see, with the modern vehicles, they don’t have an antenna. That wasn’t the case back in the day, so we had antenna balls.

But, more and more, there are fewer and fewer antennas on the streets. Just take a look. How many antenna balls can you find?

“There’s not one in the parking lot you can see,” said Showman.

“When was the last time you saw one?” we asked James Sosebee. “It was years and years ago,” he answered. “Sort of sad, isn’t it.”

“I don’t know,” said Crystal Hall, of Princeton, West Virginia. She is in town visiting, clearly not lamenting the loss of the antenna ball.

“Why is that sad?” asked Wilson. “Because, the loss of the antenna ball,” I lectured. She clearly never seen a Union 76 antenna ball on the aerial of a ’78 Maverick.

“Really, you don’t care?” we asked Wilson. “I don’t”, she said with a laugh.

“We can be sad, we can be sad,” said Audrey Hudman. “I don’t think that’s very sincere,” I responded.

But, sincerely it used to ride high, but no longer.

“No antenna balls,” said Randy Mosley. “But back in our day we had them we had balls,” I said. “We did,” he added.

But, that’s the way the antenna ball bounces.

If you have an idea for George Eskola to cover for our “Out There…Somewhere” series, just fill out the form on the “Out There…Somewhere” page, or email us at outthere@wjbf.com.

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