Citizen’s Firearms Course

Citizen's Firearms Course (Image 1)

 The U.S. has the best-armed civilian population in the world, with an estimated 270 million total guns.
Many weapons instructors that owning a gun comes with a level of accountability and responsibility.
That’s why Newschannel Six’s Kimberely Scott took a gun safety class to get the facts for you. Gun ownership is a right and law enforcement officials encourage gun owners to take the time to learn  how to safely store, carry and shoot  a weapon. That’s why the Richmond County Sheriff’s office recently offered their 5th Citizens Fire-arms Class.

Captain Bill Probus, ” We offer anyone who wants to learn how to safely handle and store and shoot weapons.”

It’s a full day of learning.  

Capt. Probus, “In the morning we spend a significant amount of time covering georgia law. how to safely carry, how to safely store firearms.”

Instructor…..”does this revolver have a safety, does this revolver have a safety, does this gun have a safety?”

In the afternoon students are taught the fundamentals of shooting.

(see Kim shooting the first time)….”we’ll get back to that in a moment”

Many here are gun owners who brought them to class to practice shooting.

Instructor…… “How many of you have more than one weapon in your homes?”

Some of these students are apart of law enforcement, while others are learning techniques to protect their families and even their church congregations.

Eric Sterett, Augusta, ” I wanted to learn some more about gun safety so I could share that with my wife with my children and with other friends too.”

Cpt. Probus, “the plain between the target and your eyes already exist, introduce the gun into that plain”.

In the classroom we got a feel for the guns and learned the proper way to position your body while shooting.

Once we’re outside, it’s safety first.

Cpt. Probus, “so a good sight picture is comprised of good sight alignment and clear front sight.”

Kirly Simpson, “I think gun safety is really important and a lot of people have them, but a lot of people don’t know how to use them.”

We soon broke into groups and took aim at our target.

The exercise of sitting in the chair was meant to resemble sitting on the sofa while someone is breaking into your home.

<<>> <<>>  “why did you turn your head”

Some obviously did better than others. .

A gun is a powerful piece of machinery and the life you save by learning to use one could be your own.

Storing a firearm is just as important as learning to use one. weapons instructors encourage gun owners to secure their guns with a firearm lock, case or even a safe.

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