Exclusive: School Bus Driver Accused of Threatening Student

Exclusive: School Bus Driver Accused of Threatening Student (Image 1)

An investigation is happening into student threats coming from the first person your kids see when they leave the house to go to school, their bus driver.

Columbia County Schools administrators call it unacceptable conversation.

That conversation is believed to be between a bus driver and her niece, on a Columbia County School bus filled with kids heading home for the day.

One bus driver says she is ashamed.

A video secretly recorded by a Columbia County student picks up a bus driver saying “Don’t make me hit you in front of all these people because I will knock you out” to a student believed to be her niece. The incident happened on the bus as students were going home for the day.

A concerned bus driver who wanted to remain anonymous gave the video to News Channel 6. To protect her identity, we are calling her Zoie Michelle.

She said, “I couldn’t believe that a Columbia County bus driver was speaking to our students like this.”

She added, “These kids are phenomenal. We all love them as bus drivers and we take them personally and it just, I was very ashamed that that was a fellow bus driver speaking to our students.”

In one part of the video, it sounds like the driver is heard saying the child is her niece while the girl talks back.

“Don’t make me kick you off the bus at this high school and tear your behind up because that’s what you need.”

News Channel 6’s Deon Guillory listened to the video with Penny Jackson, Assistant Superintendent of Columbia County Schools.

She says everyone in the system should treat students like they are their own children.

“We want to provide them a safe and fair and respectful learning environment and we expect nothing less,” said Jackson.

Zoie Michelle says she doesn’t want her colleague to lose her job.

“If it takes retraining dealing with students, be it social or whatever it takes, I just want the students to feel safe,” she said.

A decision on any discipline for that bus driver is now in the hands of school administrators.

The superintendent’s office is working with the department of transportation to get to the bottom of it to find out what happened.

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