Gun Safety for Women

Gun Safety for Women (Image 1)

 Between 2005 and 2011, the percentage of American women who own guns nearly doubled, going up from 13 to 23 percent.
While women with weapons are a growing trend, many worry about the safety of those guns around their children.
Kimberely Scott takes a closer look at women with weapons in Tonights News Channel Six Extra.

Thousands of women in the United States own hand guns…. and law enforcement agencies say that number is growing.
Theresa Glass of Augusta, “Even though i shoot long riffles and deer hunt I’m not really comfortable shooting the pastels so I wanted to see what it was all about and it was a blast.”

Not only is it important for gun owners to learn gun safety,

Captain Bill Probus, Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, “we really focus on things like home defense or self defense…we don’t worry about taking those 25 yard shots, 15 yard shots, we’re more worried about those close in shooting skills that mimic home defense.”

Many women, just like men, have the additional concern of making sure those guns stay out of the hands of their children.

Corporal Kathy Daniel, Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, “during this firearms class we give away gun locks for them to insure the safety of the weapon around children.”
Recent news reports are filled with stories of children getting shot and or killed with guns they happen to find in a home.  

Richmond Counties 5th Citizens Firearms Course is filled with women who want to protect themselves and their families. Studies show two-thirds of female gun owners buy weapons for safety reasons.

Teresa Newton, Sylvania, Ga, “for me as a woman even though i’m married with my husband at home I think that you need to know how to protect yourself.”

That’s exactly what we learned to do, using a glock 22 – 40 caliber. Each lady took turns stepping up to the plate and taking aim. hitting the mark more times than not.

Teresa, “coming out here i did have some fear, when i actually got on the range to shoot my weapon i was nervous and shaking my heart was racing because i wasn’t really familiar with my weapon.”

However, by the end of the day teresa along with other class members were hitting their targets.

Corporal Daniel, “I think that anybody that’s gonna have a weapon in their house better be familiar and please come out, that’s what were here for, that’s why we’re putting this on for the betterment of the community.”

Cleaning a firearm is just as important as learning to use it. a dirty gun could cause problems….so after target practice,  gun owners were coached on how to clean their weapons.

Storing, shooting and cleaning a fire arm are skills that  will last a  lifetime keeping your weapon ready to protect you and your family for a lifetime.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office offers the Citizen’s Firearms Class twice a year.
It is open to the public, but you must pass a background check to participate.

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