Repeated Agenda Items Lights Sparks On The Augusta Commission

SPLOST Hearings Scheduled

Augusta Commissioners are battling over what they should talk about at their meetings.

Commissioner Bill Fennoy asked for a review of how many times a Commissioner can place an item that’s already been voted down back on the agenda.

Commissioner Marion Williams is taking this personally because he keeps putting back before the Commissioners a motion to rehire the fired Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Coordinator, Jacqueline Humphrey.

Augusta EEO Director Fired; Investigated HR Director Resigns

“How are they going to tell me, as an elected official, how many times I can put something on the agenda? Mr. Fennoy is probably feeling a little pinched because he was one of those instrumental in firing the lady and we were wrong in doing that,” said Williams, who was unhappy with the motion.

“I think it makes sense and I think we should have some discussion about it and do something about it,” said Commissioner Fennoy. “Is this because Mr. Williams keeps putting?…” we asked. “Who?” asked Fennoy. “Commissioner Williams keeps putting…” we added. “I didn’t know that it has nothing to do with any individual,” said Fennoy.

Commissioners took no action Tuesday, so Fennoy requested it go on the next meeting agenda.

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