Golden Apple: Jeremy West

Golden Apple: Jeremy West (Image 1)

When we paid a visit,  Jeremy West was a long way from the classroom.  The Special Education teacher was bowling the day away with his South Aiken High School students as part of Project Unify.

“Kind of  a chance for them to compete in an athletic event and give them some time with other kids from other schools,” West says. “And good fellowship time and all that.”

West has tried other subjects, but ended up right where he’s supposed to be.

“I got the best kids in the world to teach. I’ve taught P.E., I’ve taught Math, and by far Special Ed. is the best thing. I guess I fit well with it and it’s all about fitting and where you fit in at the school, and I just have a comfort zone with the special needs population.”

A population that learns a lot in their 4 years with this teacher. Success comes in lots of ways in his class.

“A kid that comes in and doesn’t communicate socially with people-just being able to talk. Carry on a conversation. Showing manners by opening up a door.”

Coach West also leads the South Aiken football team and some of these students play key roles in that program.

“A lot of our kids are involved like as managers, and they come to games. Our kids have done a good job of accepting them and making them a part of everything.”

Congratulations Jeremy West. A man dedicated to seeing his students bowl over any obstacle life may put in their path.  A man who helps so many but stays so humble. He says he’s just doing his job.

“It’s like any teacher,” he says. “If a teacher’s teaching Math and they score  a perfect score on the A.P. test, they’re going to be excited about that. Ours is just more on their individual goals and how they’re progressing with life.”

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