Homeowner Responds to ATV Accident

Homeowner Responds to ATV Accident (Image 1)

“It was horrible to say the least,” said homeowner Daniela Harris.

Daniela Harris was waiting for her son to get home when something in her front yard grabbed her attention.

“So I came out and I ran out there and there’s two little girls in my field,” said Harris.

14-year-old Emma Maples and 9-year-old Olivia Maples were thrown off of a 4-wheeler when authorities say the 4 wheeler ran off the road and then hit a fence, causing the two young girls to be ejected.

“And I could tell that they both had really bad head injuries… the 9-year-old I could tell that her eyes were rolled completely back in her head,” Harris said.

Harris says the two girls were slipping in and out of consciousness.

“Emma was conscious she was trying to sit up and lay down and I immediately called 911 and tried to comfort them of course,” said Harris.

After that, the girls’ family arrived at the scene. One was taken by ambulance to Georgia Regents Medical Center. The other had to be airlifted there.

“It was nothing but the grace of god that had me come out here when it did because it must have just happened,” Harris said.

Neither the driver, Emma Maples, nor the passenger, Olivia Maples, was wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

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