The Means Report Exclusive: A Conversation With Congressman Rick Allen

Congressman Rick Allen has only been on the job for a few months, but his schedule is packed. This week he takes a quick break from his work in the 12th district to stop by the set of The Means Report.

Rep. Allen talks to us about his orientation process on Capitol Hill. He give us details on what it took to go from a regular citizen to a member of the United States Congress. One of his orientation manuals was even called “Hit The Ground Running”. That let him know that a busy agenda was going to be part of his new job.

Mr. Allen recently toured Fort Gordon. He tells us about that visit, and the large need for improved infrastructure on post. He also commented on the importance of Fort Gordon’s Cyber Center in our war on terror.

The congressman also discusses agriculture and education. He serves on two key committees that have a lot of influence in those areas. You’ll want to hear what he has to say about helping the farmers responsible for Georgia’s number one industry.

You will want to watch this week’s edition of The Means Report. Congressman Rick Allen covers the big topics, and how they relate to constituents back here at home.

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