Woman Arrested in Columbia County to Return to Arizona for Fraud Charges

Woman Arrested in Columbia County to Return to Arizona for Fraud Charges (Image 1)
Woman Arrested in Columbia County to Return to Arizona for Fraud Charges (Image 1)

Chalice Zeitner, the woman who was wanted in Arizona and arrested in Columbia County, had her extradition hearing on Wednesday.

Investigators say Chalice Zeitner forged a doctor’s note to fake a cancer diagnosis in 2010 so she could get a late term abortion in Arizona. She was arrested in Columbia County on Friday after FBI agents tipped off deputies about her arrest warrant.

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Zeitner agreed to waive her rights and travel back to Arizona to face charges from the state attorney general’s office. But while she waits for extradition, investigators in Columbia County are looking at new reports that could add up to charges in the Peach State.

Judge: “Do you want to go back and face these charges?”

Zeitner: “Yes, your honor.”

Chalice Zeitner agreed to travel back to Arizona to face fraud, theft, and forgery charges.

Charges she said she didn’t know about.

Judge: “There are six counts, are you aware of the six counts?”

Zeitner: “No.”

Attorney: “We have here fraudulent schemes and artifices, theft, fraudulent schemes and practices, taking the identity of another, and forgery.”

Something else she might not know about, her days behind bars in Columbia County could be extended.

Columbia County investigators are looking into two complaints filed this week. The first incident report is for “theft by deception,” the second for “identity fraud.”

“Nothing that we’ve found, collected or have been told leads us to probable cause for a warrant or an arrest,” said Capt. Steve Morris with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

While investigators are quickly working to find out more information about the new accusations, they are also trying to figure out when exactly Zeitner made her way from Arizona to Georgia.

News Channel 6 confirmed that the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office has been investigating Zeitner since 2011.

“She’s been here at least several months that we are aware of, we had some complaints filed back in February that didn’t turn out to be criminal,” said Morris.

Captain Morris said they aren’t sure right now if they will have enough to charge Zeitner in Columbia County.

“It depends on the data that was used, the information she supplied, whether it was fraudulent or truthful, we have to take a look at all that, and that’s just one aspect of this, there are several investigations within one,” said Morris.

But little by little, a bigger picture is being put together of the woman who investigators say thought she got away.

Judge: “Do you have any questions?

Zeitner: “No, thank you for everything.”

The Columbia County judge says extradition usually takes about a week. Stay with News Channel 6 as we continue to update you on this developing story.

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