Education Plays A Key Role In Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle (Image 1)
Motorcycle (Image 1)

Family and friends are still mourning the loss of Former Georgia State Senator Joey Brush. He was killed just over a week ago when a car failed to yield and crashed into the motorcycle he was riding. While May is already Motorcycle Awareness Month, nothing could bring more attention to biker safety than the death of Joey Brush. It is his death that led to The Means Report taking time to focus on motorcycle safety.

Bob Hinds is a motorcycle safety instructor at Aiken Technical College, and he tells us that education is key to helping you stay safe on the roadways. Hinds says that the age span is far and wide for people taking his motorcycle training courses at the college. He explains that one of the biggest misconceptions about riding a motorcycle is that you can “just hop on and ride like you do a bicycle”, but he points how how drastic the difference really is.

Hinds also shares some of his tips when it comes to picking out safety gear for riding. From padded helmets to gloves and safety jackets, he gives ways that riders can help protect themselves. Not only that, he explains why it is hard for drivers to spot motorcycles on the road.

If you want more information or are interested in signing up for a motorcycle course, you can call Aiken Technical College at 803-593-9231 or visit their website.

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