Golden Apple: Lorrie Jones

Golden Apple: Lorrie Jones (Image 1)

Another busy morning in Lorrie Jones 5th grade science class.
“We were separating mixtures,” Ms. Jones says. “And we were learning about the different ways that can be done with sifting, evaporation, magnetic attraction.”

Hands-on learning that keeps these kids excited about the lesson.

“It’s fun for me to watch them get involved in it and discover things with the materials that the school has so amply supplied me with. Hammond Hills is great about giving me all kinds of science equipment and it’s wonderful to have a place that’s willing to do that for you. You can really make learning come alive for these children.”

Ms. Jones also teaches science and social studies.  Each subject getting her students one step closer to 6th grade and beyond.

“It is an awesome task. But I love watching them grow. They come in, they’re just 5th graders, but by the time they leave you they’re ready for that middle school world and you see that maturity come about.”

What a class. What a career.  Lorrie Jones has been helping her students succeed for 29 years–impacting entire families in North Augusta.

“I have children that I taught in 5th grade and I’m now teaching their children in 5th grade. Yes I am. and it really is a compliment to have those students come back and say I want you to have my child, teach them in 5th grade as well.”

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