Precautions To Keep You Safe When You Ride

Precautions To Keep You Safe When You Ride (Image 1)

Just days after Former Georgia State Senator Joey Brush was killed while riding his motorcycle, two young North Carolina girls were involved in an ATV accident while not wearing helmets. Both girls were flown to Georgia Regents Medical Center where one remains in critical condition.

Dr. Steven B. Holsten, Jr. is a trauma surgeon at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University. He has seen first-hand the impact of people not wearing helmets while riding motorcycles and off-road vehicles. While he understands that people enjoy the freedom of the recreational vehicles, he encourages them to ride safely. Dr. Holsten also explains how head injuries are not always visible. In fact, some of the worst injuries – ones that can be fatal – are never seen with the naked eye. The injury can only be seen with a CAT scan.

Georgia Regents University has delved deeply into the impact of helmet usage. They are studying the difference in head traumas seen with and without helmets. It is a study that hits close to home because helmet laws are different in the two-state; in South Carolina motorcycle riders can choose whether or not to wear a helmet while in Georgia law mandates the use of helmets.

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