Salvation Army’s Doing The Most Good Event

Salvation Army's Doing The Most Good Event (Image 1)

A big evening for the Salvation Army of Augusta as the Board of Directors welcomed comic actor Patrick Warburton, for the third annual “Doing The Most Good” event.

Warburton has starred in TV shows and movies and he has lent his voice to memorable characters like “Joe” on Family Guy, and “Kronk” in the Emperor’s New Groove.

He entertained the audience with stories from Hollywood, his family, and causes he supports through “The Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament.”

“You know it’s a blessing and an honor to be able to participate and help with events that give back. I mean it really is. The work we do with Saint Jude we find it really truly a gift an opportunity to be able to participate. Everybody here that works with the Salvation Army feels the same way.”

Proceeds raised from the event benefit the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope on Greene Street.

And, we are so pleased to share this with you our very own Jennie Montgomery was honored as this year’s recipient of the Doing the Most Good Award.

A special moment in the program for sure.

Jennie works so hard for the Salvation Army and we send a big congratulations to Jennie.

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