Craft Beer Goes Home By the Jug, National Craft Beer Week Celebrated All the Time

Craft Beer Goes Home By the Jug, National Craft Beer Week Celebrated All the Time (Image 1)

 Changes to how people can consume beer in the state of Georgia came just in time for National Craft Beer Week.

They’re serving it up in a jug just like in the old days at Gravity Growlers. 

Co-owner Jonathan Marks says growlers are catching on again in bigger cities, but he and his business partner wanted to bring one to the CSRA.. 

“The only way to get alcohol transported from maker to your house was in a growler type of bottle or bucket or whiskey jug.  Then cans and bottles came around.  Now that craft beer has its time in the light right now and really popular, people want to drink their beer fresh,” Marks said.

No hard feelings for the six-pack, but the growler, a refillable beer container customers can take home,  is exactly how Michael and JoAnn Hay prefer their beer.

“It taste better, fresher and has a better head when you pour it,” said Michael Hay, of Evans.

And they are getting a lot of it lately, especially since it’s National Craft Beer week. 

“We have 25 really good choices of craft beer.  There’s lots of variety.  We change them out every time,” Marks told News Channel 6. 

Marks said IPA or India Pale Ale is the most popular style beer at his place.  He was even surprised to find out that Governor Nathan Deal recently signed a bill for customers to take more beer home from craft breweries.  Senate Bill 63 will allow breweries to charge for a tour, which could include free beer up to certain limits, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  The limits allow 36 ounces of beer to be consumed “on-premise” of a brewery and up to 72 ounces of beer, the equivalent of a six-pack, to be taken home.

“There’s a lot more to be done as far as allowing places that make or sell beer have other options to bring in revenue like consuming on premise or selling your own product if you’re a brewery,” Marks explained.

In addition to taking home your own growler, you can also take home a Watanut beer nut, also for sale at the store.  And if that’s not your thing, the friendly Gravity Growler pet, Archie will accept a treat.  He will even perform a trick.

The Hay’s passed on the treat.  They did make plans to enjoy more beer though.

“Beer Fest in Asheville we’re going at the end of May,” Michael Hay said.

“Yep, for his birthday, an early birthday,” added JoAnn Hay.

Gravity Growlers has been pouring  craft brews for a year.  A second growler store opened in Columbia County late last year.  And another growler opened in North Augusta this year. 

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