Police Agencies Do Explosives Training in Richmond County

Police Agencies Do Explosives Training in Richmond County (Image 1)

Thursday morning, more than 28 law enforcement agencies came together in Richmond County to blow stuff up.

There was representation from all across the state of Georgia, including Fulton County, Troup County, and Georgia Tech.

“It’s a lot easier to do, especially something of this magnitude, together. You have everyone out here and you share ideas,” Bomb Squad Commander Bruce Williams said.

The Richmond County Bomb Squad deals with about 5 bomb threats a month, but that’s because the team works throughout the entire CSRA, not just Augusta.

Because of the extensive training that Richmond County has, other agencies come to Augusta to learn the same things.

After blowing up old materials, K-9 units are sent out to search and sniff out the area.

Overhead, Columbia County’s Drone Unit shot footage for training.

“What today is, is after an explosion, if there is a secondary device, our dogs are going through the actual explosion itself and trying trying to find the secondary devices,” Chatham County Deputy Jason Livie said.

Livie does the 4-week training for K-9 Units.

He says his agency works with Richmond County all the time.

“It’s great to be able to show the things I’ve learned over the years, to be able to give it to the new guys to get them to where they need to be,” Livie said.

Even though the explosions may look like a lot of fun, the training is done to keep people safe.

“Nowadays with people just calling in bomb threats to disrupt the work place or disrupt school, we’re here to assist them to make it a quicker search, because the dogs are a lot quicker than the people trying to find things,” Livie said.

Richmond County not only assisted with the training, but it also gave surplus equipment to the agencies that needed it.

The agencies try to do this training once a year.

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