Public Confidence In Commission A Concern With Storm Fee Vote Ahead

SPLOST Hearings Scheduled

Parts of Jackie Hayter’s yard are sinking away the result of a failed storm drain because there’s no money to fix it the city roped off a section of her yard to keep people out.  

 “Every once in  a while they’ll walk out here and they’ll walk through it and they’ll say oh it’s terrible oh look at how it’s sinking and they come back and nobody does anything I definitely want a storm water fee if it will fix my yard,” said Hayter.

Hayter believes the storm fee could help her yard but she’s not as confident that the money would be properly spent if it was approved.

 “I don’t think they will I’m sure they will steal the money onto something else,” said Hayter.

City leaders are facing a public confidence crisis with the storm fee

Acknowledging one of the key issues has been building community trust and that they need to do what they say they will.

The mayor promises that will take place.

 “What I can assure the citizens of Augusta is that this administration as we move forward we will say what we are going to do and we will do what we say,” says Mayor Hardie Davis.

But the city still hasn’t said what will be the fate of the two historic buildings

 Even though in 2013 the city agreed they wouldn’t be demolished.

 “I want us to honor the commitment we made a couple of years ago to keep these buildings,” says Commissioner Mary Davis.

But if the city doesn’t live up to its commitment with the building can city leaders be trusted with the storm fee.

 “That’s exactly the question exactly the question,” says Hayter/

“What’s that question?”

 Will they follow through that’s what I mean about my fee’s going somewhere else.

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