Student Speaks 7 Languages

 Learning another language may be on your bucket list, and if you’ve tried, you’ve probably found that it takes a lot of study and dedication.
There is one boy, who now lives in Kentucky, that speaks 7 languages….and he’s only in middle school. Natalia Martinez has his story.

It can be tough to make new friends at a new school. But this 11 year old…has 7 tricks up his sleeve to help.

“I speak Tamil, Sinhala, Malay, English, Spanish.” Add Italian and Arabic….for a total of 7 languages. “Hablas Espanol?” “Si hablo Espanol.”

Nashaz is a refugee from Sri Lanka…traveling around the world. Brazil, Ecuador. Panama, Dubai, Bangkok.

“He’s like a little piece of magic I think at our school.” Nashaz is in the 6th grade at Newcomer Academy…where more than 20 languages are spoken.

“I’m sure he’ll pick up just about every language we have in this building the more kids he gets to interact with.”

Some students barely speak English. “Pero cuando se sube mas arribe mira.”
They can count on Nashaz for a hand.

“Se va la nuve, y despues se va la lluvia.” “He puts them at ease and says, ‘Let’s focus on this. And I’ll be your friend and I’ll help you out.'”

Nashaz is a fast learner. He tells me he learned Spanish in two weeks. And get this…he’s only been in the states for one month. “So do you switch back and forth sometimes in your head when you’re thinking?” “Yeah.”

As if 7 languages weren’t enough…next on the list…he’s planning to learn Bosnian.
“I want to speak all the language of the world.”

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