Quick Cooking w/ Karin Calloway: Reuben Roll-Ups

Quick Cooking w/ Karin Calloway: Reuben Roll-Ups (Image 1)

Reuben sandwiches area restaurant favorite, and they also make a nice dinner-time change of pace. But, the fact that they’re served griddled and hot takes the out of the “packable lunch” category. This week’s Reuben Roll-Ups include almost the same list of ingredients in a delicious portable wrap. I’ve begun the recipe by mixing together a combination of grainy mustard and mayonnaise.

Spread the mixture over some flour tortillas. Next, top with some sliced fontina or Swiss cheese and then some sliced deli corned beef.

One of the classic components of the Reuben sandwich is sauerkraut. And, while you could use come chilled prepared sauerkraut here, I’m going to whip up a super quick pickled red cabbage that gives the roll ups a fresh crunch.

Combine some finely sliced red cabbage with a little red wine vinegar, sugar and olive oil. Now season to taste with salt and pepper and then toss to combine.

The pickled cabbage can be made the night before and then you can assemble your roll ups before heading to the office. Pack a bag of chips and some carrot sticks to complete your lunch at the office.

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