Vote Put Off As Commissioners Still Can’t Get Together On Storm Water

Vote Put Off As Commissioners Still Can't Get Together On Storm Water (Image 1)

Commissioners know there’s drainage problem in Augusta but there’s still a problem on how to deal with it.

 I think everybody is kind of making up their own numbers in their head I know we’ve been presented with a proposal that’s solid but I also think there are things that could be lowered as far as the fee’s,” says Commissioner Mary Davis.

The storm fee for 92 percent of Augusta home owners would be 6 dollars and forty cents a month but commissioners want a fee in the five dollar range to make it easier on the poor.

 “We have an older population in our community that lives on a very fixed income it could be some of a hardship for them,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

And while city leaders debate the fee, others want to hold off on approving it until after the next vote on the special purpose sales tax.

“Approving the storm water fee kills the next Splost?”

 “It would put it in danger for sure if it didn’t kill it unless we do something really exciting in the next Splost I think the storm water fee would really hurt it,” says Commissioner Marion Williams

But not passing the fee hurts city finances this year’s budget is banking on the fee paying more one point two million dollars in salaries so if the fee isn’t passed by next month the budget will need to be adjusted to be in balance.

“We would have to make some changes,” says Commissioner Davis

“Make some cuts?

 “That’s where we would have to hear from our finance department on options, added Davis.

Commissioners are expected to try again on approving so sort of Storm Water Fee in two weeks.

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