Evans High School Touts Safety, 1 of 5 in State

Evans High School Touts Safety, 1 of 5 in State (Image 1)

Evans High school is one of only five in the Peach State to be awarded the Safe Sports School Award from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.  The group said Doctors Hospital athletic trainer Jennifer London helped students become more aware about concussions and how heat affects their health.  London said Evans’ Athletic Director Kevin Kenney has helped the Knights family go above and beyond state standards.

Kenny said his main safety speech to students is, “Be aware of each other.  That’s the main thing.  Buddy up, be aware of each other and the coaches are aware.”

London added, “Right now, we’re trying to get that idea of denial out of their head when it comes to concussions.  So, just trying to get them to be very open and honest about when something hurts and when they’re not feeling well and when the heat is bothering them,when their head hurts.  All that is stuff I need them to tell me instead of just trying to hide it so they can play.” 

London said she thinks students open up about their health to her because she is at games standing with students in all types of weather. 

To learn more about the award, click here.

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