Millen Man Killed In Home Described As Honorable

Millen Man Killed In Home Described As Honorable (Image 1)

Around town Kenith Scott is known as Po Boy and neighbors told News Channel 6 he wouldn’t hurt a fly.  In fact, they said he would actually help others.

Shaneka Moore lives next door to where he was murdered.  She said she isn’t scared.  She only wishes she could have saved his life.

“I wish I could have helped because he was a nice guy and I admired him just like a father figure,” she said.

She explained how someone saw 51-year old Kenith Scott in danger the night he was killed and she regrets police were not called sooner.

“He seen two strange guys the night this happened,” she said.

Police found Scott inside his home, apartment three, on the 600 block of Old Waynesboro Road.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Cyrus Purdiman, who works out of the Statesboro GBI Field Office spoke with News Channel 6 about the case.  He said it is being considered a homicide.

“Foul play is expected.  GBI is looking at this case as a homicide and we’re asking anyone with information to contact the Millen Police Department,” Purdiman said.

Passersby looked at Scott’s home in shock, one day after news spread that he was dead.  One person said he graduated from Jenkins County High School and he was a father who enjoyed shooting pool and attending cookouts.    

“When he always saw me in the yard doing something he always came by and gave me a hand.  He didn’t bother anybody.  He was a great person.  He was a quiet person,” said Emma Newton, who lives on the block.

Scott’s outdoor light is missing.  Now, it’s just an idea, but neighbors said a simple fix, like adding a light bulb could help prevent crime.

“When he seen the two strange guys, why you didn’t notify the police then if you already knew this man was in danger and he was trying to get in his house?  You should have called the police then if you were a tenant out here witnessed this, you should have done something then and this could have been prevented,” Moore said.

People on the block said the area was pretty calm.  While News Channel 6 was on the scene, shots were fired down the block and police officers were there within ten minutes.  

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