ARC Students Create Cultural Kids Camp

ARC Students Create Cultural Kids Camp (Image 1)

Augusta, GA – A group of ARC rising seniors have come together to create a cultural kids camp. Elementary aged students are learning about different cultures and languages during their summer vacation.

Campers rotate to different classes throughout the day… including sign language, French and German. Students at the camp have also been able to learn about other cultures including Asian, German and French through their flags, alphabets and short conversational phrases.

Anaya Wilson, a senior at ARC says, “The kids are getting really into it. They are picking up the alphabet, and the words and they are able to go home and tell their parents what they learned every day so it makes me feel proud as a teacher knowing that.”

The camp ends on June 19th with a final performance of the star spangled banner in sign language among other language presentations. It isn’t too late to sign up. If interested you can call 706-627-6339.

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