“Out There…Somewhere”: Little Bit Of Heaven At Little Hell

For Wesley Elmore this spot is like paradise no matter his luck

This corner of Allendale County on the Savannah River; call it, God’s country.

 “No better place fish aint biting good but I put up with it,” said Elmore.

For William Bing being here isn’t just about fishing its spiritual.

  “It’s good for the soul yeah it’s definitely good for the soul,” he said.

  Now for these anglers this could be considered a little heaven on earth but actually that would be wrong more like a little hell.

 “That’s right, that’s right,” said Bing.

 “Little Hell where they get that name from I don’t know,” said Andre Cardona 

They’re not cursing their location.

This fine fishing spot is called Little Hell Landing.

Where is it, at the end of Little Hell Road?

There’s no lake of fire here but there’s bubbling artesian well.

And well one little hell of a name

 “I’m at little hell they call it little hell,” said Bing.

 Were you a little afraid to come to a place called Little Hell?”

 Naw it’s just a name laughs there fish out there so,” said Cardona.

 If you were giving some people some advice if they want to go fishing do you tell them to go to hell landing?”

 Yeah go to hell little hell I meant,” said Elmore. .

Find this spot for fishing you can say you’ve reached the Promised Land, in a place called

 “Little Hell, said Cardona.

And they will be enjoying this place come “little hell” or high water

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