Local Youth Group Enriches Lincoln County

River of Life youth group working on homes of less fortunate.

A local youth group is spending their summer giving back to the community. The kids are taking on projects much bigger than themselves.

For 25 years now, the River Of Life Program has held a summer mission to work on houses in very poor areas of Lincolnton, Georgia. This year, the youths did a little something extra to celebrate their 25th anniversary.River of Life started from humble beginnings back in 1991.

“It was started because we had gone to another mission project and my husband along with our previous pastor got in trouble for smoking cigars and so the next year they wouldn’t let us return. My Pastor decided that was fine we would start our own,” said Leigh Beggs Co-Director of River Of Life.

River of Life youths helping build playground for less fortunate.
River of Life youths helping build playground for less fortunate.

More than 180 people of Lincoln County volunteer their time during the summer to assist residents living in poverty around their community.

“The way these volunteers go out and work on homes affect the whole community, because we can ride around town and we see marquee signs around town where even community members, business owners put signs up out front of their businesses welcoming River Of Life,” said Beggs.

As part of the 25th anniversary, the group built a special play set for a family fostering children, and the group is helping the family of one of their own volunteers.

“Each year he can’t wait to come and help us work on other people’s home but he has never asked us to help him or his family. It really speak highly of this young man that he would rather give up himself on behalf of other people than to ask for assistance himself,” Beggs said.

The nonprofit organization has worked on more than 30 homes — repairing roofs, painting houses, and even building porches and wheelchair ramps.

“We use the paint and we use the hammers and the shingles or whatever materials we are using and so we are able to use simple building materials to bring.. hopefully bring hope and love and just life back into their circumstances,” Beggs told News Channel 6.

For more information about nominating a family for the River of Life Program please visit RiverOfLifeMissions.com


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