Cooling Centers Open as Heat Wave Continues

Cooling Center in Grovetown
Cooling Center in Grovetown

Grovetown, GA – With near record heat still in the forecast, having that place where you can get out of the sun and cool off is critical. Fortunately, people are getting a little extra help with that in some counties across the CSRA.

Cooling centers are open across Richmond, Columbia, and Aiken counties. We visited one of these stations at the Columbia County Senior Center in Grovetown.

“We target three different areas of the population. Senior citizens, children, and those that suffer from chronic medical conditions.” says Christie Lowe, a manager at the senior center. It’s here where people can come in, relax, watch some TV, and have a cool drink.

“We have, on average, 20 to 30 seniors that come in every day for activities here. However, we will see that number increase just in general… being, of course, a population that is targeted by heat-related illnesses, but also just with this being a cooling station, we will see our numbers increase.” says Lowe.

For those not at risk for heat-related illnesses, wearing light-colored clothing, and drinking plenty of water is all you need to beat the heat.

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