Georgia Police Take Action Against Owners Of Dogs Left In Hot Cars

Photo of chocolate lab left in hot car
Photo of chocolate lab left in hot car

Roswell police took cell phone video of this yellow lab inside an enclosed car Tuesday and posted it to their Facebook page.

It shows an officer using a special thermometer to test the temperature inside the car.

Lisa Holland, Roswell Police Department says, “A dog locked in a car is like being locked in an oven.”

Officer Lisa Holland says 77-year-old Elaine freeman let the dog out after officers found her in the store.

They cited her for animal cruelty.

Holland adds, “The fire department administered aid to the dog, they led it to the garden center of the store and hosed it off, cooled it down and provided the dog water.”

Holland says someone else noticed this chocolate lab in a locked car a few rows down.

Police arrested its owner, Elizabeth Spence, on animal cruelty charges.

“I definitely think the police overreacted.”

Randy Spence sent us this video he says proves his dog wasn’t in distress…

He says his wife went into the store for just a few minutes and left the windows down.

“She’s running around playing. She was totally fine.”

Marcus Smith, Chattahoochee Animal Clinic says, “It’s unfortunately so common, but also very easily preventable.”

Chattahoochee animal clinic veterinarian Marcus Smith says even just a few minutes in a hot car, even with windows rolled down—can be deadly.

Smith also says, “When you’re not able to basically uh reduce your internal body temperature, it’s gonna start rising.”

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