Beall Spings; For Decades The Water Is Draw

Reverend Robert Paul brought his grandson with him to Beall Springs in Warren County

He’s been coming nearly forever. Reverend Paul has been coming to for nearly ever.

I’ve been drinking it for several, several years since 1950, said Paul

“You’ve been coming here since 1950?”

“Yeah1950,” he said.

That’s 65 years of filling jugs at Beall Springs.

He makes the 30 mile round trip from his home in Norwood about every three weeks yes the reverend visits Beall springs religiously.

“Religiously however by being in the place I get religious,” said Paul.

The historical marker says Beall Springs has been quenching thirsts since the 177O’S

Louise Clark and Sylvia Rose Reese drove over from Devereaux Georgia and it wasn’t to check out the marker.

“For the delicious water,” said Reese.

“It’s good for you it’s good for your skin you know it’s just good,” said Clark.

It takes about a minute to fill a gallon jug and there’s only one spigot and Reverend Paul was getting a lot of water

“Sure I’m going to wait I came 15 miles I’m going to wait,” said Reese.

You don’t just come to Beall Springs to wet your whistle there’s a social component here if you like Beall Springs well you my buddy.

“You meet people here all the time nice people from all parts of the state sometime,” said Reverend Paul.

They’ve been gathering at Beall Springs for centuries, making friends and of course filling jug and though it was really hot today the reverend didn’t even think about staying home.

“No, no, I’m going no, no, I’m going to get that water,” he said with a laugh.

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