Commissioner Says SPLOST Plan Will Come Together For November

Augusta Commission photo
Augusta Commission photo


The date is set for Augusta’s next SPLOST election, but now the plan needs forming.

Commissioners set November 3rd as the date to extend the special purpose sales tax.

This gives city leaders just two months from tomorrow to finalize list of projects to be voted on.

Last year the SPLOST was defeated because many voters felt it was rushed but city leaders say it will be easier  putting  this package together.

“It’s not that we have to sit down and have to go through ninety organizations to determine who is going to be what or not 95 percent of it in my vote from SPLOST will be for infrastructure there’s no big deal deciding where the money is going it’s going to make our community better,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams

If the SPLOST is defeated  again  the city would have to wait at least one year before holding another vote.

The current phase of the tax is expected to end next March.


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