Humble Hero – Woman Spots Suspected Shooter and Calls 911

“I’m telling you divine intervention, I’m telling you God had me where I
needed to be…I’m not going to tell you I wasn’t afraid, I was scared now… I was scared!”

But fear didn’t get in the way of what Debbie Dills believes was meant to happen
while on her way to work. She spotted a black car she recognized. In kings mountain!

“I thought, ‘Well that car looks familiar!’ But yet it wasn’t somebody I
knew…it just looked familiar and I thought (gasp) ok, no that’s not who I
think it is!”

The South Carolina tags made her wonder even more. If the man driving, was
the man she’d been watching on the news.

21-year-old Dylann Roof wanted in the mass shooting of 9 people inside a Charleston church.

Dills panicked and pulled off immediately calling her boss at Frady’s florist and gifts.

“She said what do I do? And I said well we gon have to call the police, and
she says well, I’ve pulled off…she said, cuz I’m scared.”

Dills decided to go back and catch up to the suspect’s car.

“I got right behind him and he didn’t seem to be nervous by me or whatever, and I’m just praying that he didn’t see my car the other times, and I was able to write down his tag number.”

As it turns out she was right. After her boss Todd got kings mountain police on the line..

Shelby police pulled him over!

“While I had all of em on the phone, I heard sirens goin, and then she started hollerin, sayin, you know, “They got him!”

Dills says while she was scared.. She hopes it will bring some peace to all those mourning the lives lost.

“If it gives those people there any kind of comfort to know that they don’t have to worry about that anymore, that part of it…now they can start on the healing and giet their lives back together…and God can give em the comfort they need and he will.”

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