Peaceful Rally In Barnwell Against Violence In The Community

People is Barnwell, SC come together to peacefully rally against violence.

In the light of the Charleston shooting another community in South Carolina is coming together to peacefully rally against violence.

The people of Barnwell County just want the crime to stop in their hometown and through this anti-violence rally they say they hope to remind their community what a great place Barnwell once was and can be again.

“This is an opportunity for us to be there for everyone else in South Carolina especially Charleston and just to show everyone else in the country that this is what you can do,” said Marian Hutchinson, event organizer.

Hutchinson decided she wanted to bring peace back to her hometown after her friend’s brother was recently shot to death.

“When I came home one of the things that had caught my attention was the fact that there was crime activity in Barnwell and it was something that hadn’t been in Barnwell when I was there or as much,” Hutchinson told News Channel 6.

People is Barnwell, SC come together to peacefully rally against violence.
People is Barnwell, SC come together to peacefully rally against violence.

Hutchinson says she wants to inspire her community to take the initiative to prevent crimes and make them aware of what is going on.

“There’s really nothing better than having a hometown, knowing your hometown, and the community.  Then building them up and watching them become the best that they can be. Barnwell has come a long way and I don’t want to see crime be one of the reasons it goes downhill,” said Hutchinson.

Devante Odom was killed in May of this year and although his family says it’s been rough to lose him they just want to get their town of Barnwell back.

“That’s what this is all about. Trying to get people to come together as one, not black, not white, just as one. As a whole. Stop this unnecessary killing of each other, black on black, white on black, whatever. This killing just has to stop,” said Jeffery Hallingquest the step-father of Davante Odom.

Hutchinson says the event may be called ‘Get Well Barnwell,”’ but she wants the anti-violence rally to spread across the state.

“This is how you take a stand. This is how you say, we don’t like violent activity in our neighborhoods, we don’t support violence in our neighborhoods, and we will be better than violence in our neighborhoods,” said Hutchinson.

No date has been set for another rally, but the overwhelming support Hutchinson received makes her hopeful to have it again next year.


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