Another Deadly Accident in Augusta During Yellow Light

Washington and Alexander

There was another deadly accident on a busy Augusta road this week.

This one happened Wednesday night at the intersection of Alexander Drive and Washington Road.

Deputies arrested 30-year-old Peter McNally and charged him with DUI, vehicular homicide, serious injury by a motor vehicle, and failure to yield while turning left.

They say he drove through a yellow light and hit 51-year-old Ronald Lovett and his passenger on a motorcycle.

Lovett died at the hospital. The passenger is still in serious condition.

“Apparently both drivers were trying to make the light. This kind of mirrors the unfortunate accident that we experienced a few weeks ago at Riverwatch Parkway and Stevens Creek Road,” Sgt. Shane McDaniel said.

At the intersection of Washington and Alexander, our camera caught several drivers doing the same thing.

Whether it was making a left hand turn or just simply running a red light, people are rushing through that intersection.

“If you don’t think you can make the light, don’t risk it. Don’t take that chance. If the yet is yellow, go ahead and stop,” McDaniel said.

When it comes to the meaning of a yellow light, the answer is simple.


But if you are less than 100 feet away from the intersection and you can’t stop safely, continue on.

If you don’t know how to measure out 100 feet then you can use the distance between two utility poles as a measurement.

The distance between two poles is about 100 feet.

“It’s because everyone is in a hurry and we understand that, but I would rather sit through another cycle at a traffic signal instead of risking hurting myself, someone else, a family member,” McDaniel said.

And when it comes to making left hand turns, the sheriff’s office also has advice.

“The oncoming traffic has the right of way. You are required by law to yield to oncoming traffic,” McDaniel said.

If convicted of vehicular homicide, McNally is facing three to fifteen years in prison.

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