NSA Leader Speaks at local Graduation

GRU Cyber Science Summer Academy.

Students graduating from GRU’s Cyber Sciences Summer Academy got a big surprise today.

The National Security Agency’s Director Admiral, delivered the graduation speech.

Students presented what they learned from the program, while the Admiral answered their questions.

Freshman, sophomores and juniors in high school were invited to join the Georgia Regeant’s University’s Cyber Science Summer Academy.

A week dedicated to teaching 15, 16 and 17 year olds the ins and outs of cyber security.

“It’s one of those fields that is growing everyday alongside technology and we all want to keep our information safe,” Dennis Perea said.

16-year-old Dennis Perea learned more about cyber defense and hacking in one week than most people will learn in a lifetime.

After students toured the Headquarters of the NSA, Director Admiral Michael Rogers came to speak directly to them about what future holds for cyber security.

“It’s like almost equivalent to the president,” one student said.

“We’re mainly interested in how he came to his position, what he’s learned what kind of person he is, skills he has and where he sees this field going into,” Perea said.

This is something these students are passionate about and they don’t mind being called a nerd.

“Everybody is a nerd at something whether it’s education, video games, computer science,” Justin Deshong said.

GRU will offer the same program on June 28 to July 2nd. They also offer a health science summer academy.

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