Second Prison Worker Arrested in New York Prison Escape

Maximum security prison guard Gene Palmer was the one in handcuffs.

He’s accused of several crimes in connection with the daring prison escape by convicted killers David Sweat and Richard Matt in Upstate New York June 6.

Investigators say for months Palmer provided contraband to the now escaped inmates…needle nose pliers and a screwdriver…he even allowed the men to use catwalks behind their cells at the Clinton County Correctional Facility.

Andrew Wylie a Clinton County District Attorney says, “He would take both Matt and Sweat back behind the cells in the catwalk area. In those locations they were working on the electrical systems for their cells. That is totally inappropriate behavior for a corrections officer.”

Prison employee Joyce Mitchell was also charged in connection with the escape.

Investigators say the woman who was romantically involved with the prisoners and maybe others…smuggled hacksaw blades and other tools in frozen hamburger meat.

Palmer’s attorney said he had nothing to do with the prison break.

Andrew Brockway, Attorney for Corrections officer Gene Palmer Mr. Palmer has been fully cooperative. He understands that this is a public emergency. He’s willing to continue to cooperate with the investigation in order that these two individuals are captured.

A weekend sighting moved the intense search to dense woods in Owls Head.

Police found the killers’ DNA on food in a remote hunting cabin and a bloody sock and warn the fugitives are likely armed.

State police Maj. Charles Guess comments, “Just about every cabin or outbuilding in the north country has one or more shotguns or weapons. They’re extremely dangerous, they’re cunning.”

Investigators say in exchange for that contraband, prison guard Gene Palmer received paintings from Sweat and Matt evidence the prosecutor said Palmer tried to destroy after the break out.

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