Help support foster children through Camp VIP

Camp VIP is a paid advertiser of The Dish

LaVonne Marsh, Camp Founder and Executive Director, and Jayme Marsh, Camp Director, visit the set of The Dish to tell us all about Camp VIP and great the work they do with children living in foster care.

More about Camp VIP:
3540 Wheeler Road
106 Wheeler Executive Center
Augusta, Georgia 30809

Camp VIP is a Day Camp for children in foster care which began in 2000. This year Camp VIP will be held July 27 through 31. We utilize a cogent program of workshops, arts and crafts and team sports.

The goal of Camp VIP is to help children in foster care understand:

  • They had no choice about being placed in foster care but they do have some choice about how they allow it to affect their life today and in the future.
  • How to recognize their anger, how to accept it, and how to manage that emotion.
  • How to live with a family other than their birth family.

Camp VIP provides full breakfast (bacon, eggs, grits, etc) and full lunches (meats, vegetables and fruits), healthy mid morning and mid afternoon snacks and we purchase school supplies for each children.

Camp VIP is a paid advertiser of The Dish

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