Judge Talks Same-Sex Marriage in Augusta

Probate Judge Harry James

AUGUSTA, GA — Georgia officials say that Friday’s Supreme Court decision immediately legalizes same-sex marriage in the state.

“Same-sex couples will now and can now marry and be recognized legally as a married couple,” Probate Judge Harry James said.

“They can come in right now. I think we were authorized to start accepting applications from same sex couples, I believe it was around 11 o’clock today,” James added.

Even though the state attorney general told the courts to move forward with same-sex marriage, James says that as of 3PM on Friday, nobody showed up or called about marriage licenses in Augusta.

“The only people who bothered to come in have been the media. We suspect we will probably get one or two later on today, if not today, then they will start coming in next week since the decision is so new,” James said.

For those looking to get married, the application process takes 20 to 30 minutes.

In Augusta, the cost of marriage license is $76.

Both parties must do the application together.

Next, the person performing the ceremony will have to sign the license and return it to the court.

Finally, the court will certify the license.

“They’re married as any other couple would be. Equal footing,” James said.

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