Local Church Members Attend Senator Pinckney’s Funeral

The scene down here is just incredible. Thousands of people lined up before 6am this morning to get into the TD arena where Senator Pinckney’s funeral service is being held. It started around 11 and is expected to last a couple of hours President Obama will deliver the eulogy.

Members of Bethel AME church in Augusta also made the trip to Charleston.

They came to pay their respects to the Senator.

Pinckney has ties with the Bethel AME church.

He was married there and performed many baptisms in the Augusta church.

But Reverend Mark Pierson says he knew Pinckney personally and that’s why he made It a priority to be in Charleston today.

“He was always about others about members of his church those who he ministered to, he was always about his family and the constituents of his district and his senatorial area.”

I also asked the Reverand what he’s telling his congregation to comfort them and he says “god is still in control and that god is love and the power of love is forgiveness.”

And it shows here today.

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