Lincolnton Man Finds Dream Prize in Junk Mail

You never know what you may just find in your spam email folder. 40-year-old Jason Crook of Lincolnton, Ga. discovered quite the prize.

“Got an email that went to my junk folder that said, congratulations, you are the winner for me and a guest to fly out to the Traveler’s Championship,” Crook said. “I was fixing to delete it and then I was like ‘wait a minute’, cause you know, lots of times you get one that says ‘congratulations, you just won the Nigerian lottery’ or something like that,” he joked.

Crook had won an online contest he submitted for through Grand Slam apparel to caddy for PGA Tour pro D.A. Points during Tuesday’s practice round. Coincidentally, this would not be Crook’s first time talking with Points. Last year, Crook was interested in buying a bag like the one Points was using on tour, so he asked how Points how he liked the bag through Twitter.

“D.A. sent me his golf bag just by me asking about [it],” Crook said, smiling at the autographed bag. “So he was already pretty high on my list of favorite golfers.”

And by chance, Crook and his wife were headed to Connecticut to finally meet Points in person.

“[He was] just felt like a friend,” Crook said of his time with Points. “I was a little nervous going in, but then after two minutes being around him, it was just like playing golf with your buddies.”

This time, it was Crook helping Points out.

“”I carried the bag up the whole 18 holes,” he said. “I made it. He let me rake traps and clean up the clubs and just do the caddy thing. It was a dream come true. Just being around the PGA players you watch on TV all the time and seeing them up close and in person. Just amazing.”

So before the next time you hastily delete your junk mail folder, you might want to take a quick look at what you’re deleting first.

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