Severe Thunderstorms Hit Before 4th Of July Weekend

Severe thunderstorm hits the CSRA before 4th of July weekend.

All is quiet now, but a wicked weather afternoon and evening across the CSRA means some of you will spend at least part of your holiday weekend cleaning up.

The important thing is there were no reports of injuries from this storm, even though it is a rough way to start the holiday weekend.

Severe Storms dumped more than two inches of rain across the CSRA and packed winds of more than 60 miles per hour.

“A severe thunderstorm watch was in effect for much of the day. Could see more shower and thunderstorm activity as we head into the holiday weekend,” reported News Channel 6 Chief Meteorologist George Meyers.

The line of thunderstorms lasted about three and half hours and left significant damage. After this tree feel in Woodbine Condominiums on Washington Road many people who live there couldn’t get out.

“I heard the winds start whipping and I looked out the window and the power flashed. I looked across and saw the clouds right through that clearing right there and it looked like a tornado was about to happen,” Jeffery Smith told News Channel 6.

This tree fell on Hardy McManus Road in Columbia County. This one fell on Bay Street and this one on Baker Street, both in Richmond County.

A number of power outages were reported and police officers had to direct traffic at several major intersections, including this one at I-20 Westbound and Belair Road.

Now many across the two-state are left with cleaning up the mess left by the storm, but some are thankful the trees didn’t fall on their homes.

“I was like those could give in any direction. They could come this way, that way, across the road, but they feel on the path of least destruction,” Smith said.

At 10 p.m. there are less than 200 power outages across our coverage area and the CSRA.

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