Ambulance Responds To Accident At Augusta Trampoline Park


A bad injury at Augusta’s Air Strike Trampoline Park sends a child to the hospital.

An ambulance was called to the Augusta West Parkway business just after 6:30 p.m. Friday night. An eyewitness tells News Channel 6 the child’s foot and ankle had been severed.

Air Strike opened about 2 months ago in the former Ice Forum building.

No word on what caused the injury or the child’s current condition.

Here is a statement from Air Strike:

“There was an incident at Airstrike today with one of our patrons. To ensure the well being of the patron we made arrangements for them to be transported by ambulance for a non-life threatening condition.”

“The health and safety of our customers is paramount. As with any active sport, and certainly any form of high adrenaline physical activity, there is certain level of risk. We do everything possible—both on our website and at our point of admission—to educate our customers and parents about safety rules at our park; and to be mindful of their own physical capabilities and limitations. AirStrike has, and will continue to pursue, the best practices in the industry for safe jumping and effective injury response.”

“We want to thank Augusta for their enthusiastic support of AirStrike. Since we opened our doors in May, we have had thousands of participants at AirStrike. The overwhelming majority of our customers have had a fun—and safe—experience at AirStrike.”

Todd and Sally Holloway
General Managers, AirStrike Extreme Air Sports
Augusta GA




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