Augustan Talks About Experience on Golf Channel’s ‘Altered Course’

Golf is not a game that values speed, except on Golf Channel’s newest reality show in Montego, ‘Altered Course.’

“It’s just something you can’t prepare for,” Augustan Shepherd Archie said. “You can’t go to Forest Hills and just pick up a bag and go running down the fairway.”

Altered Course is a new show with eight pair of golfers who compete in timed events. Archie, a 2008 ARC graduate, played with his former Florida A&M golf teammate, Wesley Yates. The two auditioned for the show in Orlando back in December and made the cut, earning a two-week trip to Montego, Jamaica for the first season’s filming of Altered Course.

“It was everything but normal golf,” Archie said. “It’s just hard to prep for because the course in Jamaica was unlike anything here; It was hilly. I mean, it was right next to a mountain.”

The running between shots was difficult enough to handle but playing golf on reality TV was a different experience as well.

“You play normal golf, it might be one camera here, one camera there,” Archie said. “It was pretty much a production. You had 20 to 30 cameras, you had two or three cranes here and there; You had a drone, flying above your head. And you’re running.”

And if it weren’t for that darn running part, Archie and Yates (known as the ‘Georgia Boys on the show’), feel they wouldn’t have been the first team eliminated.

“We always tell ourselves that if this was just regular golf, we felt like we would’ve won,” Archie said. “But it’s not.”

You can watch the Georgia Boys compete in episodes one and two of Altered Course here.

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