“Out There…Somewhere”: Weather, Not Sharks, To Blame For Swimmers Staying Out Of Lake

Photo of empty floats at Wildwood Park at J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Photo of empty floats at Wildwood Park at J. Strom Thurmond Lake

Columbia County, GA – At J. Strom Thurmond Lake, the rain was giving the visitors the red, white, and the blues.

“Sucks, no fishing, no swimming, no boating, no grilling,” said Dennis Dickens, who was camping at Wildwood Park in Columbia County.

No kidding, boat ride had to bail. Swimming toys were beached, on what is supposed to be the busiest lake weekend.

You would expect the beach to be packed, but look…not a soul, but maybe it’s not the weather keeping people away.

They’ve all seen this at the lake…a series of shark attacks in the Carolinas turning being in the water from fun into fear…

“‘You yell barracuda, people go “what?” ‘You yell shark, you got a panic on the third of July,'” from a quote from the movie “Jaws”.

“There’s not really sharks at the lake,” said young Isabella Stein. “Not really, but only one. That’s all it would take,” we added.

“Nooooo. No, not the lake,” said 15-year-old Tucker Slaton. “You’re not in the water because of sharks?” we asked. “Na, no,” he said.

“Oh no, not here not at all,” said Arlene Inglett. “You sure?” we asked. “We swim in it, no matter what,” she said.

Well, there was the matter of the rain leaving the beaches empty. As the Fourth of July blasts off, the weather wasn’t very good, but at least…

“No sharks, we love the lake,” said Inglett.

Well, more like tolerate, on a day like this.

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